Wednesday, August 16, 2006

When Peace comes to Town

With the ceasefire holding people are coming back to town, the traffic lights that had for 34 days flashed amber are now working again. The reason they were flashing amber is that during a Katusah strike the last thing you wanted to do is sit at the lights, also the fact that there were no people or cars here may of had something to do with it as well.
Yesterday we filmed a man cutting his grass a foot high after being away for the last month at the same time a friend bought out a Katusah and dropped it in front of the camera, this was not staged just another true life moment here.
At the bus station soldiers were singing in celebration as they borded the bus to go back home and across the street shopowners were sweeping up the glass from broken windows and as one coffee shop owner said
" The war may be over, but for me it is just beginning I have to rebuild my business"
Lights were coming on in buildings that had been black for the time we have been here and the sirens have remained silent.
I honestly think that it was the sirens that scared me the most, it is as if "terror" is audible when they start to wail, they screaam to tell you terror is coming at you and we do not know where.
And whilst locals headed for the bomb shelters we stood on the roof and as the sirens died down all you could hear in a city was silence. I could hear my heart beat and blood in my temples and in silence we would wait for the attack.
That is why yesterday was refreshing, standing in the street listening to life coming back.

Another day "Keeping Safe Lou, and BJ Remember Turtles" Love Dad


Scarlet said...

I know what you mean about the sirens. That has to be the scariest sound on earth. It's like screaming. It makes your heart beat faster, your breath catches in your throat, and you just tense up ready to run.

Mal, I hope it stays calm and I hope you and the crew can get back home soon.

NewsJunkie said...

Prayers for continued peace Mal.

Anonymous said...

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