Tuesday, August 01, 2006

War and Beauty

August 1st 2006

It is one of the ironies of being a Cameraman, you cannot resist a sunset. It is the magic moment of light you want to capture every day. Normally they are only ever shot for self gratification and end up on the floor of the Editing Room.

The sunset over the ridge line that separates Israel from Lebanon is spectacular and after the last live shot of day hours I framed up the setting sun on live Camera #1 being fed to NY.

If you look at one of the pictures I posted in a "Thousand Words" you can see our second "Tank Camera" with a 33x 500mm lens that trains on Artillery a mile away, it allows me to zoom in and have a Howitizer full frame and this camera is on the second path to NY Control.

And as the sun set they had double boxes up, one box carried the "sunset" the other box had the "Howitizer" both cameras live.

War and Beauty, both live.

Sort of ironic because if they had the sound up they would of heard the artillery pounding into Lebanon as well.


Miss Informed said...

You are very brave. Beautiful post.

Mal said...

Thanks Miss I
Appreciate the words and thoughts