Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Can I just walk in the door

Simply want to be able to walk in the door at the workspace in the morning without the sirens going off for incoming Katusahs, for all its power and strength. The war is not going well for Israel, they even changed the Chief of Staff General who is in control of this whole war and his deputy is now running the show.
The intensity of ground fighting was unbelievable last night not only was there the normal artillery and tanks firing, the new sound is machine guns going on and on for nearly an hour in the early morning the only sound was that of machine guns cracking the air. These are close Lebanonese villages that two weeks ago Israel had declared empty and had control over.
For the first time the Israeli Govt is moving civilians out of the towns of the North and paying for them to go to hotels in less dangerous areas, during July the number of Katusahs falling in Israel was in the one hundred range, since the start of August it is now closer to 200 a day.
Yesterday I could not even walk in off the roof before the air raid sirens would go off again, at one point it was 3 two minute siren warnings in under ten minutes, and being out in the heat wearing flak jackets and kevlar is no fun.
The morning heat is the worst here the air does not move and you stand literally at the gates of hell looking into the furnace.

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