Sunday, August 13, 2006

alone in the black

It is now nine thirty and I am alone in the black of the night.
Listening and seeing the war reach its climax.
The night is black with no moon and all you sense is the sounds of death.
Many people think what a glamourous job I have at times but I am wearing a sweat shirt that two of us share because it is the only warm thing we have between us.
We rotate who wears in and out I wear the in and believe me I smell.
Just had two israeli snipers up on the roof with me so sometimes you are not so alone in this world.
Carried the picture live whilst one rang his mother in new york to ask if she could see him .
Yet the hours and the cold wear on
Mum thinking of you and dad love your son

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Plaid said...

Everyone is someones child. When you are alone in the dark, in peace or war, we all long for our parents.. No matter what we do or how far we go there is nothing that can replace mom and dad...We all are little children in big bodies....Even soliders fighting one another..... Childhood games being played just with bigger wepons.....

Thanks Ma,l once again for being "real".... Continued prayers for all of you on the front line of reporting....