Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday 2pm Northern Israel

The video has been uploaded and will be available soon , uploading via you tube , it is in there server and will be ready soon I hope.
Sorry for delay , but this morning has been hell here, the UN may have a peace deal in the works BUT the impact of war is horrific here today in Northern Israel the death toll is high very high.
I have been trying to upload images all day but the power has been affected due to a strike here, and when I mean strike it has nothing to do with labor. And that means we lose Internet.
I am typing this entry in my flak jacket, not worth taking it off, as soon as I take it off, the sirens start.
We do not go on the roof without flaks and kevlar helmets and earlier today it really went to s... , more reflections later
There is nothing glamourous about war, nothing.

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