Sunday, August 13, 2006

Counting the hours

Driving back to Metula to the eagles nest live shot position. We stopped by the Mike Tobin team sitting by the truck with a field of tanks behind them. That's normal here in our world, if not tanks then Howitzer batteries.
The first thing Mike said was
" Ok who wants to bet when the ceasefire will collapse" the best time anyone in the team gave was one hour. Yoav even said that it will not even start.
It then became an argument on the technocalities as to the bet.
So rather than lay the shekels down we all agreed that the cveasefire will collapse.
Israelis I have spoken too are annoyed as a whole because they have lost and are now perceived by the Arab world as weak.The might of the much vaunted Isareli Military machine and their so called best in the world intyelligence agencies have been humbled by Hezbollah. The locals are very pissed off at the Government and the Miltary Leaders.
Writing a longer piece on Numbers. This is just a few quick thoughts from the roof of the Alaska on my combat blackberry.
The question is though will Uri turn back up and do I have a spooon in my back pocket
Now does anyone want to make a bid for my genuine combat uri spoon.
Miss you girls love


WiseDawn said...

Mal, a couple of times you have mentioned sunsets and their allure they have for photographers such as yourself.

I work on a farm and we have some spectacular ones.

Nothing like Mother Nature's magnificant power with beauty

...Or her powerful and horrendous destruction...

Your comments bring to the fore front that we human beings pretty much take after Mother Nature....In our ability to create great beauty...

....and horrendous destruction....

....Stay safe.....and sending warm thoughts to you and your loved one....


Scarlet said...

Man, don't eBay the spoon! Think of all the opportunities to bore boyfriends and eventual grandchildren!

Take care, Mal

Anonymous said...

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