Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I am so exhausted from the events of the last few days, Yesterday we did not get out of Flak jackets for nearly eight hours. I even said as a joke as we were coming of the roof after one siren alert that it was not worth taking them off, I literally stepped back into the mcr ops (technical area) where we wait and as I crossed the door the sirens went off again and so it was back out to the camera position.
Even Eli Fastman my boss is wearing his flak and kevlar helmet, the first time he has worn a helmet since he finished his reserve duty. If Eli is wearing his, it means we are in danger and if his team is going to do live coverage he will be there with us.
During one barrage yesterday afternoon we heard the sound of an incoming Katusah and he just screamed
and we all literally threw ourselves to the ground, whilst we were on air, trust me no heroics of standing by the camera and filming everyone else on the ground. I am on a platform about 2 feet up off the ground and I literally dove off into the piles of cables and tried like all off us to get under the platform.
15 seconds later I was back up on the camera
You could feel the cold sweat on your back and a taste of metal in your mouth, the rush of blood in every vein, every pulse beat and the sweat dripping down your face from the heat of wearing the helmet. I looked at my eyes when I got and they were red from exhaustion. My whole body is reaching a point of numbness.
I run in the morning at the village we stay in just to know that there is a real world out there, listening to my favorite podcast Phedippdations by Steve, he lives near Boston and talks about what is good in the world and running. It is simple things like listening that I enjoy in these eaarly morning hours because when I finish my run I know that the sounds of war will consume the rest of my day.
The day has only started
There is no glamour in war it is exhausting and dangerous
Just trying to keep safe Lou, love dad

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