Thursday, August 03, 2006

Noisy Air Conditioners

The crickets are cheeping below my porch, the only trouble is that every few minutes the IDF Artillery range fires deep into Lebanon causing the hotel to shake.

I am not going to bullshit and say that I am staying in a shit hole sleeping in the dark on the dirt. WE have a great hotel, clean sheets, hot water, breakfast and a noisy air conditioner.

No one ever wants to own a noisy air conditioner in their room, but here they help dampen out the sounds of Howitzers firing and you cannot hear the Katusahs landing.

We got slammed today in Israel, the hillside was smoking with nearly a dozen hits at one point all within a couple of km's of the roof space we are working from. They are close and so deadly if they direct hit.....

Yael our Operations Manager here asked if I wanted to go home for the weekend and have some time off, I said no, I 'll go back the weekend after next.

Living in war, makes the world seem very small.

It is the sounds that get to me, .... two vollley's deep, real deep into Lebanon.

I need feedback from everyone that reads, are these rambles?.

Don't just click away from the page ... write a comment. I do read them

Planes just dropped bombs, artillery is shelling.

Going to turn on the air con to max just for sleeping thru the night.

Good night to all or Good Morning

May your air con make a lot of noise


Anonymous said...

I read these every day Mal, as does my wife and a bunch of other friends/co-workers and family members: so your posts are most definitly appreciated and NOT rambling diatribes.

I saw the sunset shot on Fox the other day and told my wife I was almost certain it was you behind the lens.

- Steve

PLANET3RRY said...


the feed picks up each and every new post! I am intrigued by each and every post and I really enjoy the pictures. I don't always get to see TV. Keep Running and stay safe.

I promise to comment more often!

Anonymous said...

Mal, I dont know if enjoy is the right word for reading about a war, but I do read your blog most every day. It provides a 1st hand account of what is going on over there. Stay safe and keep posting. Dan

Anonymous said...

I too read your blog everyday. In fact, it is your blog that has made this real for me. Rather than turning a deaf ear I am now listening to what has to be said about the crisis. Each time I hear of any news I think of you and worry for your safety and those around you.
Please keep posting and be safe.

Daniel said...

Hi, Mal. I never would have "met" you if it hadn't been for Steve and his podcasts. Now I check your blog and it is a point of reality and connection to that dangerous part of the universe you're working in. So much of it is "just the news" but your words are so *real* to me. Keep on, and stay safe, and here's hoping you get some sleep!
Daniel / deltaechomike