Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Profile Picture

Going thru my photo collection showing some of the team here pictures from the Iraq War and found this one taken on the Iraqi Syrian border during a rest stop. It was one of those days when you are absolutely knackered to use an expression.
If any of you want to see any other pix leave a note in the comments have digital collection going back to Afghanistan during the Taliban Days when we were allowed in for a glimpse of life under the Taliban before 9/11


SweetK said...

I have been lurking here for a while, reading your archives and such. Your writing, everything you are going through, is very intriguing. You certainly have my respect.

Just be careful, as much as you can be.

Widescreen said...


Is that a PD-150 or similar? Do you shoot all on smaller camera's or use the bigger stuff when you can. I saw the SX in another photo, think it was the rooftop stuff.

Mal said...

In Combat we almost always use PD 150 / 170 and then i always have a smaller camera like a PC 109 as a backup in a pouch on my flak.
For events we use SX / SP Cameras for live shots and have 33x Lens mounted on at least one camera.
In day to day shooting on the road I have an SX with a 21x , the trouble with big camera is that from a distance they can look like a rocket launcher to a nervous soldier, this is how a Reuters Cameraman was killed a couple of years back in Iraq