Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Morning

Thanks to all with kind words and concerns re leaving the North. It is ahrd to explain that you can drive two hours and be back in normal society and having just left a war zone behind you.
They talk about Post Syndrome and they do exist I still wake up and think I am in Metula and will have to drive down to Qiryat Schmona, the disorientation you suffer after such intensity is hard to describe. I met with a a group of friends yesterday and it was as if they did not realise what had happened so close to them. And how lucky they are to be where they were standing, they had not heard one siren or one explosion in the past month.
They had not suffered any discomfort and as we stood around a couple even flippantly asked questions on the issue that is the only issue that we are concerned about, and I snapped back and they were taken a back to an extent.
I am back down dealing with issues like finding somewhere to live, trying to get my dog out of the country and trying to get back into training for my upcoming marathon. It may be only a few days and I try to enjoy them who knows where I will be in the next few days.
But once again thanks to everyone for your comments they mean a lot and just when things seem normal I will find something to comment on and let you know that even in the worlds worst places silly things can and do happen

To my daughters, all is well just have to worry about the local drivers here again. Love Dad


WiseDawn said...

Warm thoughts Mal....I cant even begin to imagine how one transistions from one set of "normal everyday" circumstance to war torn one...

What a mind twist...

Reminds me of a fav movie of mine...the American Classic "The Best Years of Our lives"

God-speed and safety.....

Warm and peaceful thoughts

NewsJunkie said...

Good luck with everything Mal!

21st Century Mom said...

Yay for saftey and peace and training and best wishes for housing and settling in.

ps- there is something weird about your template that cuts off your posts in IE before I can get to the bottom of the page. No problems with FireFox.