Friday, August 11, 2006

Negative Thoughts

Negative Thoughts

Northern Israel Lebanon Border

At the end of the day, it is hard to sit and write about the events of today and not dwell on negatives. It is because I am so tired physically and emotionally, when you spend the night having your room shaken, and yet I can now sleep even without the noisy air conditioner to dampen the outside sounds of Hell having a party next door. Only to open your curtains and scene a from a WW1 battlefield is your first glance at the world for the day.

The valleys of Southern Lebanon this morning were nothing but plumes of smoke from shelling. An interesting point to keep in mind is that whilst the Israelis are proclaiming to the world about the 3,000 Katusah shells that have rained down across the North of Israel in the last month, it was revealed today that Israel has just surpassed firing and dropping 100.000 shells and bombs into Lebanon.

Last night was like listening to a loud rock concert the sheer volume of shelling and machine guns and at the same wondering if there small children hiding in cellars underground. across the valley in a Lebanese village. See yet again another negative thought, it is as if I am finding the events here negative. One of the first casualties of war is truth.

I am currently with Anchor Bill Hemmer and Boston Senior Producer Andrew Fone, along with one of the best guys in the business Engineer Yoav Shamir. Doing Bill's show live from the border two hours of live TV.....

We had Air Raid Sirens. 2 Katusah's landing on nearby hills, Massive 500lb bombs falling onto towns, Machine gun fire behind us, Israeli tanks inside Lebanon, Israeli Infantry troops marching up the road into Lebanon, and a darn nice sunset, not bad I thought given we were on top of a hotel with a Force 10 gale blowing. I got so cold after spending three hours up there that I could not undo the cables from the camera, that is how a wind can sap the last remnants of energy from your soul.

At the end of that, the ONLY phone call I got was to say " we did not file promo material as requested ", the fact that I did not know we had to file "promo" material was not an issue. But then again I could of set up lights, stood on a roof and been a target for Hezbollah snipers for the sake of the second floor wanting it "asap" back in New York.

Sorry, but I cannot give you more war than that " LIVE ", must remember tomorrow, to check if the promotions producer in NY needs more two word promotions.

Another day "Keeping Safe Lou, and BJ Remember Turtles" Love Dad

... Lou and BJ are my daughters ... just fyi


WiseDawn said...

Thanks for the brutal honesty even if it was negative. Its honest. That says and means alot.

You and your safety are in the thoughts of several people who are new to your blog.

Scarlet said...

New York can stick it where the sun don't shine. Talk about oblivious!

SweetK said...

I don't know what to say except I have never worried about a stranger as much as I worry about you.

Jen said...

You're doing a great job over there, Mal. Hang in there. Hopefully, this will be over soon. My prayers are with you and the rest of the crew who are putting themselves in harm's way just to show the rest of us what exactly is going down over there. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Remember this:

No shot is worth your life.

It kinda sounds to me by the reports you are filing here, that you are way too close to the action....ever thought of getting the hell out of there?

Better to get out now than come out in a little wooden box later.

Mal said...

Thanks everyone for prayers and thoughts, it means a lot for me to get comments and know people out there are reading my words.
Negative days are just that, and it is often better to be honest and admit them and so you can get over them. I have been on this War Assignment for two months tomorrow feels like two years.
No shot is ever worth your life, and I have one motto "Just trying to keep safe Lou"
Thanks again everyone

Karen said...

Mal you said something that just struck me--you mentioned the children. The fighting and the loss of life is horrible, but the fact there are children having to live through this is what gets to my core.

Stay safe and tell those morons to "bite me" next time they want some promos! (and that comes from a NYer!) :)