Sunday, August 13, 2006

Do you have a spoon

In my job you have moments that defy anything you could possibly imagine, that unless you actually had been there people would almost doubt that something as far fetched did happen.

Well last Friday was one of those incredible, moments standing on the roof of the Alaska Inn in Metula, 500 m from the border of Lebanon. The sound of Howitzers pounding shells into Lebanon, rows of tanks below engines idling before they enter, humvess full of Special Op's cruise the streets below faces painted and the whole valley in front of me lies Lebanon.

Just before we started the two hour show block with Bill Hemmer, up the stairs come two people one with a small handicam. Battlefield tourists are not unusual, as crazy as it seems tourists are stupid enough to come up and want to see what is happening with there little handicams.

One of the guys walks up to me and this is what he says. I kid you not .....

"Hi, my name is Uri Gellar do you have a spoon on you I can bend it for you"

What the hell is Uri Gellar doing on the roof I have no idea, but here is one of the most famous psychic spin doctors in the world, featured in countless TV program's magazines and Newspaper Columns, asking me if I have a spoon on me.

Now I normally do not carry a metal spoon on me, I mean how many of us carry a metal spoon on them expecting to meet the worlds most famous spoon bender on the roof looking into war.

I had ten minutes before the show started, I raced down five flights of stairs into the hotel kitchen back up in the elevator and up the stairs to the roof pass my spoon to Uri and one two three he rubs it and the bloody thing bends it was a moment that I will laugh about for years.

He gets a sharpie (texta) marker out and signs it for me, whilst the rest of the team here are collecting Katyusah parts as souvenirs to try and take home and get through airport security. Me, well I have a bent spoon

Another day "Keeping Safe Lou, and BJ Remember Turtles" Love Dad


WiseDawn said...

Quirky war memories!!...Gotta love (and laugh) at that :-).....Nothing like a real smile moment while under intense stress....Enjoy your spoon Mal!!

Scarlet said...

Mal, maybe you are one of those poor souls that attract the "odd" characters. It might explain why you are always working with Hemmer!

Unusual souvenirs are the best!

NewsJunkie said...

In the middle of a war... who'da thought?!

Thanks for writing this blog Mal, it's fascinating to be able to follow history with all of your first-hand accounts!

Anonymous said...


Let it be a lesson to you to always have your racing spoon at the ready.

Best wishes,