Friday, August 04, 2006

Play Nice

It has become a trademark of mine now, that whenever the Howitizers fire there rounds I turn and yell at the top of my voice " PLAY NICE". Firing 155mm shells deep into Lebanon, the cannons echo back of the valley and shake the building.
It is Friday morning 9 am local time, 2 am Eastern and the day has begun for the next twelve hours, we sit and wait for sirens. One camera trained on the Israeli Artillery and the other camera focused on the city waiting for the Katusahs to come in.
Yesterday was the worst day so far, I had thought the shelling on Wednesday could not be matched but yesterday the sky seemed to be raining shells at one point.
The Editorial room now has a pile of Katusah Missile parts building up, souvenirs of war.
Will make good door jams one day
No sirens yet 9:30 am

PS Many thanks for all the comments and feedback


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PLANET3RRY said...

Play Nice and Stay Safe!