Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Something other than war

I think it is time not to talk about war for a post but a totally different aspect of life in the war zone. Obviously the local paper shop is not open, in fact there are only three shops open in the entire city. If there are any papers available they are in hebrew and what you miss can often be something like a newspaper, so you can read about water sking squirrels and sport.
Now two of the girls were coming back from a few days off and when they called to see if we wanted anything all the camera guys and engineers requested some magazines.
Now a group off ten guys you would expect some "bloke" magazines and car magazines, maybe the odd copy of Soldier of Fortune.
Oh NO .... Not our girls is a list of what magazines came up to the frontline

6 ... yes 6 copies of The New Yorker
Vanity Fair
Harpers Magazine
US News and World Report
The Jerusalem Report
Metropolitan Home
and the best one a December 2005 edition of Architectural Design " The International magazine of Interior Design"

Just waiting for the day when I bring up some magazines for the girls.


Scarlet said...

Not even one Sports Illustrated? Yeesh!


PLANET3RRY said...

well, at least you won't be behind all the style and fashion advice!

At least with a Cosmo magazine, you could, uh-em... make it into a "bloke" magazine...

Plaid said...

Some women just don't understand the differences....... It could be worse, they could have brought you Good Housekeeping or Ladies Home Journal........

21st Century Mom said...

Maybe they don't like you calling them girls. Assuming they are grown ups maybe if you call them women or at least ladies (I personally would prefer woman) they will bring you better reading material. Just a thought.

Scarlet said...

Could've been worse, Mom. He could've called them "chicks!"

WiseDawn said...

(chuckling after a long day of work...Gotta smile at that image.)

Mal said...

Girls Is just a term of enduring affection we use on the road , because at times we are just a bunch of girl. I have some great ideas and plans for redesigning my hotel room with this seasons colors and the fabric for my curtains must be changed

NewsJunkie said...

Mal, you keep on calling them girls. It's obvious you don't mean anything negative by it, and personally, this girl thinks people make too much of that.

Prayers that you and your colleagues remain safe over there!