Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Crusade Ends

Thus after five years in the Unholyland my crusade to bring peace, stabilty, religious tolerance and better driving skills is about to come to an end. At the end of the month I am moving to join the London Bureau.
The time will reflection will come later, probably on the plane as I take off and look at the land of humous and pita disaapearing under the wing and then I can reflect on what has happened and how my efforts as an unofficial Middle East Envoy have changed the course of history, NOT.
The question now raises as to how to change the name of The Unholyland News to reflect The land of Curry and Kebab, a new chapter is about to begin in my career and the challenges of life that this brings is exciting.
The blog continues and I get to drive back on the left side of the road.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Hong Kong Airport

OK There has been a reason for the absence of posts and over the next twenty four hours all will be revealed. I apologise for the lack of posts of recent but there are times to write and times to allow the world revolve. Last few weeks in Australia on holidays have been great and the highlight was last Thursday night when Louise was confirmed , which was a very big moment in her life and made one father a very proud man to have two such wonderful daughters.

So tomorrow all will be revealed, will not say anymore than ... wait for it LOL

In one of his favourite places in the world , the lounge at Chep lap Kok airport Hong kong, pity it will be spoiled by a 12 hour flight on Elal , trust me a dentist can be better than a long haul Elal flight