Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Troop Movements

Tuesday August 1st 2006
Qiryat Shemona
Northern Israel / Lebanon Border

At the end of the day, you wait for the "blackberry" email listing "Troop Movements". This is nothing to do with the war, but an email we get from the bureau which lists who is going where and with whom.

I was trying to calculate the number of people we have covering this War, and last week it looked like this :

1 Bureau Chief
1 Operations Manager
2 Anchors
9 Correspondents
12 Producers
10 Cameramen
2 Soundmen
8 Engineers
2 Satellite Truck Engineers
2 Drivers

And this is only in Israel & Gaza, have no idea how many staff we have in Lebanon.

From the operation in Qiryat Shemona we have two satellite paths to NY , a Fiber optic to NY via jerusalem, Each Uplink Truck has its own path and Jerusalem is also direct to NY via its own path.

When I reflect back to the start of the events that cascaded this the ambush and capture of a Corporal down in Gaza, I was alone with just a Jonathan Hunt (Correspondent) and Niall our local Gaza Producer and one videophone. Looking back in my diary I went down to Gaza on June 13th it is now August.

The last line on "Troop Movements" from the office .... "Be Safe"

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21st Century Mom said...

So how come the news we get over here in the USA is so thin? My son's friend was just in Jordan and she says we hear a mere fraction of the news. Is that because we are a bunch of dumb Americans who just don't care so the news has no market value?