Thursday, August 17, 2006

" Its a mistake, no fallings"

The message on the blackberry said " According to Kiryat Shmona municipality spox (spokesperson) - its a mistake, no fallings"

At 10.41 am this morning sitting outside the workspace, suddenly the peace of the morning was shattered by the sounds of the Air Raid sirens blaring. Not since the war have I heard the siren and the suddenly my whole body was once again electrified and I found my self alone on the roof there was only Producer Dvora Olinsky and I here.

I ran up to roof grabbing a flak jacket and helmet and stood by the camera wondering if the ceasefire was over and the war was about to resume. Alone in the heat I could look down onto the town and see cars running the red lights and a sense of total confusion in the town below.

Most of the residents who have returned have never heard the full siren, only the polite "Big Sister" announcement advising all residents to go to their bomb shelters. For the shoppers in the market it was terrifying as the tried to find somewhere safe, the market had been hit by a katusah during the war.

You can never relax here, you just go from one moment to the next hoping that the ceasefire will hold. All indications are that it looks good for the short term but everyone you talk to says that is only a matter of time before war breaks out again between Israel and Hezbollah.

I only hope that the person who accidently leaned on the Air Raid Siren button down at city hall has been retrained as to which button not to touch

Qiryat Schmona
Northern Israel

Another day "Keeping Safe Lou, and BJ Remember Turtles" Love Dad


WiseDawn said...

Mal I hope you and your co-workers are able to have real moments of inner peace and serenity....

I would guess that may be really difficult when one's mind and body is in some sort of hyper-vigilant state...

But its still a hope I have for all of you....

Warm and peaceful thoughts

NewsJunkie said...

You'd think that button would be pretty clearly labeled.

Continued prayers for peace and quiet.