Thursday, December 21, 2006

Workclothes ... Not a Problem

What does one wear today?.
Is it clean?.
Has it been washed?.

Questions that are never a problem in Iraq. The moral question of whether the Press should weaar Military clothes is a no brainer to use an expression. Out in a warzone, you never want to look different, if you look different you are a target because ... You look different and Freindly fire is just as dangerous as the enemy


Anonymous said...

Your clothes comments and your photo wearing the Military look brings up many a hot thought. Fighting an enemy who dresses as a civilian must be about the worst thing to face. We call it cowards dress. We are afraid our own natural instincts would be to never trust anyone in civilian clothes. Do you think it unrealistic to expect our men to never make a mistake.. We don't. We consider those shot by "mistake" also the fault of the terrorists and not our men. Clothes do make the man...and civilian clothes make the terrorists cowards. Thanks Mal, for giving us much to think about with your few words about clothes.

Mal said...

The whole concept of War is horrible and in War there is inevitable death, and mistakes happen all the time. In the tension of a battle there is always the incentive to look for something different from the perspective of a soldier.
When the enemy choose to dress as civilians and the local civilians shield them as civilians, which is what happens down in Gaza. The the civilians have become the enemy in my eyes.
Thanks for your comment

Anonymous said...

Wolves in sheep's could say...couldn't you. Maybe living with aminals has taught us about people after all...especially when some people act more like animals then they do human beings now days. We also watch out for people who smile a lot and talk sweet. All kinds of deception around. Maybe it's a good thing we are horse breakers and not socialites. Safer. Seriously, though, it is good to hear your observations and experiences in war. Every bit of knowledge we can gleen from you and others who are where the hot action is helps us make decisions when given that chance in a free society. It also prepares us a little just in case we find ourselves in a less peaceful situations ourselves. Thanks, Mr. James. We wish everyone would read you. a&n