Saturday, December 02, 2006

Never Saw Him.

Lets get this right my friends will ask.

"You spent a week in Istanbul, covering the Pope and you never saw him?"

" Yes that's right, It is what I do for a living"

"What you film things you don't see, I mean Mal you spent a week filming something you did not see... Come on what is this The Sixth Sense or something?"

" No, It's Television News, you cover an event without actually ever seeing the event, sort of like going to a Rock Concert and not seeing the lead singer but still watching the concert" will be my response

"Oh, so what did you do for the week?"

" I covered the Papal Voyage, of Pope Benedict XVI to meeet Ecumenical Patriarch Barthlomew 1"

" But you did not see him so how can you say you covered his Papal Voyage, ands by the way what is a Papal Voyage"

" Well Pope's simply do not do visits or drop in for a coffee and discuss Middle East Politics and Football, they have Papal Voyage's which basically means they drop in for coffee, wave incense and try and heal religious schisms (the word of the week) that go back a thousand years"

" Hang on, you still have not explained how you can go somewhere for a week to cover something and not see the thing you went to cover? "

" Thats because I was here in case something happened "

"But something did happen, the Pope visited for over four days"

"Yes but that is not what is meant by happened!"

" So what happened that meant you covered nothing happening, for a week?"

"No I did cover events but not the Pope because nothing happened to him and I was in Turkey in case something happened which in any case nothing really happened, but I worked every day covering the Pope."

"And you never saw him?"

"No, because I was waiting for something to happen."

" Your job makes no sense!"

"I agree"


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