Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Why Cameramen are Not Rocket Scientists

Curses, I thought I had the maths correct on the sandbags story, but thanks to JPresEFnet, I stand corrected
Thanks a binary
hence this is the corrected equation

Each person on your 3 man team, eating 2 meals per day for 12 days ate 24 total meals. Filling 2 sandbags per meal, each of your 3 man team would have filled 48 sandbags. 48 sandbags X 3 people = 144 total sandbags over 12 days. At 40 pounds each that's 5760 pounds of sand, or 2.5714 Long Tons 2+5+7+1+4=19 and 1+9=10 if you want a fancy binary conversion to close with.

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LoveAmerica said...

...and I used the wrong numbers for the lottery. You owe me a dollar, Mal.