Thursday, December 07, 2006

Black Night Explosions

Ramadi Iraq
Thursday December 7, 2006
8:30 pm

It is one of those nights here tonight were there is no moon and looking out from where we are based with the Marines in Hurricane Point Ramadi it is like the world ends ten feet away, a wall of blackness envelopes everything and swallows up even the lights we have for broadcasting.

That does not stop the noise of war that continues, not the sound of gunfire but in the past five minutes a large explosion rocked the building we are in, one of palaces of the Saddam family. A solid building virtually shook us, and then you sit back and wonder, “What the hell, was it?” All we hear now is choppers and jets overhead, no lights just the noise of darkness being broken by the blades of choppers flying.

It something you can never get used to, the tranquility of darkness. Because it can often hide the horror of war. We have another live shot in twenty minutes before we seek the sanctuary of a sand bagged bunkhouse.


21st Century Mom said...

I have to confess to having a love/hate relationship with your blog. I love reading about what is going on over there from the perspective of a reporter on the ground. But oh how you make me worry! Stay safe!

NewsJunkie said...

Thank you Mal for continuing to bring the story of our Marines to us. I lost my fiance during the first months of the war and I am very glad to know there are people like you and your colleagues who have not forgotten about those who volunteer to protect our freedom. Stay low, stay safe, and please do continue to update those of us at home as you are able.