Thursday, December 28, 2006

Taliban Airlines

Found the tickets that I wrote about in the last entry and have updated previous post with pictures


Anonymous said...

Thanks for those historic photos. Sort of like making 3 bean salad out of 1 king of beans and a magic marker...makes you shake your head. Bet you have collected all kinds of interesting keepsakes from your dangerous travels.

Jungle Mom said...

Hello from an american living in Venezuela. It was so cool to find your blog, I just had to comment. I have enjoyed the interviews with oliver North in Irak as my husband is a 3rd generation marine. We have lived here for 20 years and are amazed at the recent influx of the "unhloyland" influence here in South America, namely Iran. I hope we dont lose the war on terror by forgetting to watch our "back door".

Anonymous said...

What a small world, Mr. James. Here in Arizona, USA, we have noticed first hand some "unholyland" people sneaking through our mountains by way of South America. Please keep them down there, jungle mom. Believe me they are not welcome here.