Friday, December 15, 2006

A Funny Line in the darkness

Perhaps the best line of the last twenty four hours, was coming back to the base here at Hurricane Point from Camp Ramadi. When the gunner on the humvee said
"Sir, can I flash bang him?"
Now before you jump to any conclusion that we are on a secret clandestine mission and about to kick in a door. No we were actually at the front gate to the compound and blocking us was security issue in the form of a large armored vehicle designed to stop a suicide bomber driving his car near the checkpoint, the Marine in the aforementioned vehicle was just slow to move.
Sitting in the blackness of the night here with the driver and Staff Sgt in the front seats on night vision and me alone in the black back seat it was a funny line.
Life here is full of lines during the days and nights that make life feel rather real.
The entrance then opened up like the cave to Ali Baba’s cave and we entered and returned safely to the base.
In the blackness there is nothing funnier than a simple line, to diffuse the stress and tensions of moving around this city.
And no we did not flash bang him but it would have been fun too.

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