Sunday, July 16, 2006

What was that ?

July 16 2006
Kiryat Schmona
Northern Israel

We finally wrapped and finished around 9am this morning after another all night shift. driving back to the hotel, towards the LEBANON BORDER because it is meant to be safer and closer. We found that a complete Israeli artillery unit had set up in the valley below the hotel.

Drifting off to sleep is no problem after working all night, clean and tucked up only to be woken after a few hours, again and again by the pounding of the shells being fired into Lebanon. Then you sense another noise not the same as the shell fire, only to realise that it must be the cleaners at the hotel and doors are slamming.

So it goes on and on, shell - shell - shell - door - shell - door - door - shell - shell

We got called early back to the live location to get things moving on to hear that four katysah rockets had landed near the hotel after we left, now that is not reassuring to say the least.

Then the last impression of the day was again not what I saw, but what I heard.

We were doing a live shot when the air raid siren went off - calling everyone to get to the bomb shelters.

Somedays it is what you hear and not what you see, a good day for radio.



Steve Runner said...

I can't imagine the stress you must be under Mal. Do you find that to be the case, or are you used to the pressure/stress/angst over there right now.

Mal said...

In the strange world , I am more annoyed about not being able to go for a run this morning than I am about the events here. It is sometimes a matter of just being used to the stress here
I just go with the flow and my instincts
Thanks for the words

PerfesserR said...

Mal, are you assigned to a particular reporter, or do you move around? I'd like to know while watching that it's you doing the camera work.

Mal said...

This week I am assigned to work with Fox News Anchor Bill Hemmer , If you see Hemmer then I am there

Anonymous said...

DO yuo only do coverage for FOX or for other networks as well? Are you employed by FOX or are you freelance?

Mal said...

No I have been staff for Foxnews for eight plus years, four years based in Asia and then have been in the Middle East since then.