Friday, July 28, 2006

Ghost Towns

Across the valley lies the town of Hula .
It looks like any other small rural town in the Middle East. The largest buildings are Mosques which dominate the communty. Four storey blocks of flats line the main streets, the missing element is people. In the last five hours we have been here there has been no sign of human life whatsoever.
The only thing moving are the flags of Hezbollah flapping in the wind as it blasts down the valley.
The only noise I can hear are the Israeli F16's as they roar above followed by the explosion as they drop their deadly payloads on the ridge lines above the town.
Every now and then the artillery and tanks unleash a volley on the hills above.
You cannot help but wonder if anyone will ever come back to live here.
In the meantime the flags will be the only thing moving.


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