Saturday, July 15, 2006

All Quiet on the Northern Front (NOT)

All quiet on the Northern Front (NOT)

Kiryat Shimona
Northern Israel

It may be Prime time buts it is an overnight shift here and by the time I finish I will have been working more than 24 hours straight, and to answer a question: no I do not get paid overtime or extra. In the field in a war zone you just work, if you look at a time clock you are in the wrong place.

00:55 It is so quiet in the streets now, that if there are no jets or Apache choppers flying into Lebanon, that the dogs are even to scared to bark. Reports now have close to a quarter of a million Israelis across the North are bunkered down in bomb shelters. The only sign of life at the moment is the silent cruising of the occasional Police car with its lights flashing, almost like a submarine running silent, the police car patrols the streets of Kiryat Shimona in Northern Israel 10 km from the border with Lebanon.

01:35 – If Dana our Producer does not change the ring tone on her phone, from Hawaii Five O. I will throw the bloody thing down the toilet by the morning. Of course the battery is going flat so it must be charges on the other side of the workspace, so rather than ringing once I get to hear the whole flaming song, and you think the Nokia Tune sucks.

02:10 – Just watched Israeli artillery firing into Lebanon, took me three attempts to walk back in the workspace every time I stepped inside another noise drew me back outside.

04:10 – How to make people jump in the workspace, accidentally bang your arm back against the glass wall and suddenly everyone looks up and goes “That’s close” say nothing and do it again just to get another reaction, before admitting it. Extensive outgoing Israeli artillery all night, you see the red flashes streak up and into Lebanon. Jets and choppers still fly around the black sky.
At least Dana’s Hawaii 5o phone has stopped ringing out loud, thank mercy for small things.

06:00 Dawn, more artillery some birds and still no dogs barking or signs of life on the streets. Sun is streaming in thru the workspace window, going to be a nice day hope to sleep thru most of it. Only two and half hours to go, shower and bed got to stop drinking coffee.

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