Thursday, July 13, 2006

One word "PACK"

Something you have to get used to, is the fact that nothing in the News business is static. I thought that with all the tensions in gaza I would be down there another week at least, I even went and bought a fan for my room last night. Thinking this is a good long term purchase.
I had only been up less than an hour having cleaned the vehicle for the day and a couple of cups of coffee later I was killing time in my room reading one of the great novels of War & News "Delcorso's Gallery". When Mark (Jerusalem Deputy Bureau Chief) rang and said one word "PACK" will call you back in a minute.
Since then I have made my way back to the bureau in Jerusalem and have put together the Norsat Uplink Kit to take up to the Lebanon boarder in the morning, more correspondents are coming in and we are ramping up coverage on the Israel Lebanon Boarder.
At least I get a night without shelling between the wars, wonder what will happen to my fan.


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