Sunday, July 30, 2006

Boom to Bang

Saturday Morning . 00:20

it takes fifteen seconds from Boom to bang.

Standing on my hotel balcony, you hear the Israeli tank down the street fire it's round, the Boom sound we call it. It is a slow sound of explosion, very dull in fact after you have heard them fire thousands of rounds. As a crew we laugh at people who flinch, at the evening meal we all share in great team spirit. The artillery start firing and we all watch to see who flinches first, imagine trying to bite in to a slice of bread as a Howitzer fires.

back "live to my room in the hotel... Breaking News Outgoing rounds .....

Another round fired .... 9 , 10 , 11 , 12,
Another 12, 13 , 14 ,
And Another .......... low bang .........
And another fired ...
And another fired .......
And another ...
and another fired .... this is real time

And another ...bang
And another ... bang
And another
... one minute pause
... two minute pause

The bang is another way to describe the sound when it lands in lebanon, blowing the hell out of another field and seeing a smoke plume on the horizon. Sad to say, but it does make great TV

And another 10.11.12.. dull bang

You can fall asleep .... you stop hearing the booms and the bangs ...

Just close the door, turn on the noisy air con and go to sleep. Tomorrow wake up, walk out the door, pick up team, drive to the Grocery store (24 hour place.. . only shop open apart from Pharmacy and supermarket (closed for shabat) drive up the mountain look into Lebanon and hope it is good spot to record history.

Qiryat Shmona
Northern israel - In fact looking out my door I can see Lebanon down the street

29th July 2006

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