Thursday, July 06, 2006

Weekend Leave

Thursday 6 2006

As bizarre as it may sound I am out for the weekend, you can leave the war zone that envelopes Gaza in one hour and be back in a sane and relatively normal world.

The Israelis opened the border for a few hours this morning to allow Journalists in and out, I took the out option after nearly four weeks in Gaza it is a great relief. You feel for your collegues who are still down there, but I know that Sunday Morning if the border iis open I will be headed back into Gaza for another stint.

Last night a crew from Al Jazeera was attacked by Palestinians on the suspicion that they were Israelis and in the gunfire the driver was shot, yet another way the whole mess is developing down there. When an Arabic network is attacked on the grounds that the rumours had them pegged as Israelis you just realise that driving anywhere in Gaza now , the media is a target from both sides.

My final words to Pierre the Fox News Cameraman who is down there still when he dropped us off at the border were "Be Safe, take no risks"


21st Century Mom said...

Enjoy your leave and don't forget to take your own advice!

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog. Do you live in Gaza or are you just their working for a while?
Why do you want to work in an area like that, I hope its good money!! ??