Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Gaza City
JULY 4 2006

What the hell were those mothers in the tank thinking today, some nineteen year old punks just did not like the fact that we had arrived to film them and there response was to fire a shell to move us. The shell exploded ten meters away from the armored car. Her we mark our cars with big bold gaffer tape with TV to indicate that we are media and to avoid this type of shit going down.

Normally we accept a machine gun burst in front of the car as the accepted sign that we are to leave the area, this has been done quite a few times and it is like a policeman putting up tape at a crime scene, simple you cannot enter this area.

But a tank shell ten meters away would of blown the five of us in the car to death and that is pure murder.

The Israelis like good press coverage but try to cover them when they are in invasion mode from the other side and they go into a totally different mode. I would file an official complaint with the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) but it would be to no avail so why bother.

It just proves that out here, in the blink of an eye it could all be over

We left in reverse at a great speed only to find that the local palestinians were just as pissed at us because they were trying to plant bombs in the area and they could not get close now as the surveliance balloon would be monitoring the area and drones would come overhead with the cameras.

We spent the rest of the afternoon filming artillery shells landing in the greenhouses that Militants use to fire Qassams into Israel, sitting on the hill watching war and smoking cigarettes

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21st Century Mom said...

That answers my question about the value of putting 'TV' on the windshield of the car.

You make me nervous. Your SO must be apoplectic. Hope you go home soon.