Monday, February 04, 2008

The Secret to crossing the road in Roma.

So what gives, a month in Europe and not a word about life? Well there seems little to write when everything in life is so good and you start feeling like you are alive again. I have discovered in myself, a happiness that I have not had for a long time.

I have been in London, just five weeks and so far have spent two weeks in Pakistan, the next week was Holland, week after that Berlin and now I am on a plane coming back from Rome, then in between all that I have found somewhere to live moving into my flat overlooking the canals in the morning.

Been to Emirates stadium or as I will refer to it from now on as the Cathedral of Arsene, (after The Arsenal Football Manager, Arsene Wenger) were my football team Arsenal won, trust me getting tickets is harder than anything else in the UK. Been on the London Eye, spent an afternoon looking at Da Vinci and Van Gogh paintings, celebrated Australia Day laughing in a Pub off Covent Garden, walked along the South bank of River Thames watching street art. Spend each Saturday morning in Richmond Park where you see your cold breath running past deer’s and that is my England.

In Berlin ran thru the famous Brandenburg gate,

stayed at Adlon hotel where Hitler held functions but is now more famous as being remembered as the hotel where Michael Jackson dangled his kid out of the window. Seem the Berlin Wall;

they build bigger ones in Israel I might add. Ate French fries with mustard from a paper cone in The Hague, in Holland. Filmed a mad Dutch Politician who is a dead man walking if you think Muslim’s hate George Bush wait till you see what happens to this guy, he needs six body guards to move around inside (yes inside) his own Parliament building and that is in the area where the public are not allowed

This month is going to be even busier and better and there will be blogs from some even more stranger countries, where? Well take the one of the most orchestras in the world; add communism and a mad hermit through in Mal and you have some potentially funny incidents about to happen.

Oh and yes the secret to crossing the road in Rome (or as they like to say in Europe romA) is to not look, this is essential as eye contact with the driver means that you have seen him and will avoid him, whilst if you have no eye contact with any car then the driver must assume that you have not seen him and thus he is not allowed by the laws of “The Safe Drivers Code of Italy” to hit a pedestrian who has not seen you. And as Mario lead me across a busy road coming back from Lunch yesterday we did not look and it works

Anyway must get back to the Tabloids and see how Amy Winehouse is going in Rehab, whether Cheryl will leave the love rat Ashley who vomited on a girl he had picked up in a drunken love romp, and did you know that the Spice Girls cry at the end of each concert because it is one day less that they will be together.

Enroute ex RomA


Anonymous said...

a fascinating life, it makes great reading. Hope you continue to enjoy London.

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