Thursday, February 07, 2008

Eating Beaver

Correspondent Greg Palkot and I have travelled the world together on assignments from the mountains of Tora Bora in Afghanistan to Sudan, where the closest power pole was 600 miles away. This time however we have returned to the ancestral home of the Palkot family.

Now I must admit that when I was told that I was coming to Lithuania, I had to go and find an atlas, yes one of those old fashioned things that lies around with lots of pictures in it. I actually wanted to see where in the hell I was going without Google maps.

So what do we know about Lithuania apart from the fact that famous Lithuanians include Charles Bronson & Monica Lewinsky. 90% of the worlds Amber comes from here, according to the French geographic society , the actual centre of Europe is 15 miles North of Vilnius, the capital. Public Holidays of note include : 8th September "Nation Day" - Grand Duke Vytautas was due to be crowned in 1430. He died the day before.

We arrived last night along with Producer Kim Miller, both she and I asked Greg for some everyday phrases like hello and thank you, since being a proud Lithuanian would naturally have a grasp of the language and be our interpretor. Actually he was waiting for his dad in New York to email him the essential twenty phrases

Now driving in from the airport in the dark it seemed like we were going in circles around a train yard in the rain. The old city of Vilnius is very beautiful, in that classic European sense of history and culture.

So what does one eat in Vilnius on a Wednesday night in Winter , what is a classic Baltic dish that defines the gastronomic taste buds of a true Lithuanian. There are not many places in the world where you can say to the waitress in the restaurant. How is your Beaver tonight? and I would like your best beaver please.

Now having eaten beaver, I can say beaver stew is a different taste and no it does not taste like chicken



Anonymous said...

Wow Mal! You know, we have always said that Beavers are a great untapped source of energy....You've heard the expressions...Busy as a Beaver? I did see a bumper sticker in West Virginia once that said EAT MORE BEAVER save a cow. We hope you and Mr. Palkot enjoy ALL of his ancestrial Homeland traditions...included eating Beavers in the rain. We now know why not all of the world knows where Lithuania is but with a couple more great blogs on their customs the trouist crowds may grow by leaps and bounds. Give Mr. Palkot our reguards and Mal, don't let him pull your leg over there. We think you are ripe for... deception. Thanks for the culinary tips but we will definitely pass on the Beaver stew.
Your readers,
Neatie & Annie

21stCenturyMom said...

Nice title - don't be surprised if you get a lot of p0rn spam.

This is not unlike Yanks referring to running out of energy as bonking.

Nilesh said...


u.s.a people eat beaver.we enjoy eating beaver in rain.the taste of beaver is different however it doesnot taste as chicken.