Thursday, January 17, 2008


In times of crisis, there are plumbers available 24 hours a day even if they charge more than Ernst & Young Accountant an hour. If you are hurt or injured hospitals claim to have highly trained medical teams open 24 hours a day, even if you might have to wait 8 hours to see someone other than a cleaner. Your can breakdown in the middle of the night in the worst rainstorm of the century and according to the commercials on TV their smiling roadside mechanic will get you home in time to give your missing two front teeth daughter her birthday present. These are all noble professions that in an emergency we use.

There is a crisis that we in the West have ignored for far to long. Perhaps the Liberal and Conservative Press into a catatonic state of ignorance as to the plight of the housing and commercial building market, in the largest Nuclear Armed Islamic nation in this world, have blinded us.

Whilst we worry about global terrorism and jihads’ mountain camps where terrorists train in children’s playgrounds. If you think I joke? please next time you see a Al Qaida training film the odds are that in some scene there will be masked men with AK 47’s strapped to themselves swinging across a set of Monkey bars to rousing music.

On the streets of Pakistan a small but dedicated few are there for the many, preventing a blueprint from falling into the clutches of a Fundamental Architect.

They need our support, they might not have the flashing lights and sirens we associate with an emergency but as they say “Who are you going to call?”

I still thou ponder what the hell does an Emergency Architect do and who in the hell would need one. But then again that is why I like Pakistan. Simple things in a complicated world.


21stCenturyMom said...

Maybe you read the jacket wrong. Maybe they are out there architecting emergencies because there aren't enough to go around in Pakistan. :-)

ps - I also detest 'architect' as a verb but that's the way we roll in the 21st Century.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Mal. My bathroom ceiling totally fell in at 2 AM and if I'd have been sitting on the John I'd have been killed, needing an ememgency undertaker. I definitely could have used and emergency architect and since I had none I enlisted an emergency bar tender. I am one who believes in always being prepared with a list of emergency numbers to call on and when that fails....drink and smoke a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hummm....I too have watched jihadists train on school monkey bars. They were called children without discipline. But...sadly they did away with monkey bars in this county...too dangerous they claimed. Now we read about having two mommies instead. Go figure. Totally understand your blog though...I think. You are funny as well as .......a great cameraman. Be careful in London decorating your new digs.