Thursday, February 21, 2008

Onto Asia

Well now that democracy in Pakistan is established and the internal politics that will take the months to reach any conclusion, peace is on the streets, and in the news business, peace is not a story. A sad but true fact of life, before you tut tut me, nobody watches TV if nothing is happening.

Peshawar was once one of my favorite cities in the world for its charm, history and sense of vibrancy, however with the rise and hopefully the fall of Islamic power in the state there, it has become too dangerous to be on the streets. I just hope that one day it will be ok to walk around the streets again without fear of being attacked or kidnapped for the sole reason of being a foreigner, let alone working as a cameraman for an American Network. We generally have no displays or stickers on our equipment and when asked I often say Swiss TV, lets face it no one has ever had a grudge against the Swiss.

Later on today it is off to Beijing and the next leg of the trip, before we go to the Hermit Kingdom and that should be a months worth of blogs in a matter of 48 hours.