Friday, February 22, 2008

Minimum 8 Teeth


Forget the surly image of the Chinese, everyone in Beijing is getting prepared for the Olympics. So far 1 million local Beijing residents have been given the day off work to attend "learning how to cheer" classes so that come those two weeks in summer the noise of hands clapping and thunder sticks being beaten will cheer on their fellow countrymen and ladies to perform to their best and beat the imperial powers through motivation to honor the country.

The girls who will be centre stage bringing out the medals to drape around the winners, are all hand picked beautiful airline attendants from the airlines here and have been attending beauty school and learning how to smile by hours of practice. How do you practice smiling, well you clench two chopsticks in your mouth and that creates the perfect smile.

When you arrive in Beijing Customs and Police are being taught how to smile and say hello, and there has been a minimum standard set for smiling. The correct smile upon greeting should reveal a minimum of 8 teeth and thus my photo proves that I am ready and happy to greet you in Beijing