Monday, December 03, 2007

Game Day Face

Ben Gurion Airport [Tel Aviv]
4:28 am

It is game day, and the airport seems a good a place to begin another trip into Iraq with Ollie North.

What is Game Day Face, it is the moment when you realise that you no longer are planning and thinking various thoughts. But as I was told " I have not been as focused as I normally would be leading up to this trip" . That was my warning that I need to get the face back.

Fact 1 Iraq is still dangerous and whilst everyone seems to be proclaiming things are getting better, from what base are they judging this. Fact 2 It seems that to many camera crews in the last year or so have been killed or injured whilst working in Iraq.

The time has come again to refocus, my personal life will be on holidays till Dec 22, the professional life will be at Defcom 4 , what ever Defcom 4 is, but they use it in all the movies. I worry for my family and friends more for the wishes and thoughts they have for me.

Trust me I will be careful, life is too short. But three weeks can be a long time



Anonymous said...

Strangely enough, sitting here worrying about almost everyone we know because they like you are in dangerous places. A funny game we play...they say don't worry about me..I am always careful, I know what I'm doing...and you say...I won't worry about you so don't worry about me worrying about you. And I think we all are putting on game faces. In fact I don't think I would know how to live without worrying seems my job now days with all the dangers in the world, just a part of life. So we won't worry about you Mr. James but you will be in our thoughts and prayers. Glad to know you are with Colonel North because he is always careful...isn't he. Take care and we will be watching for you. You are the best cameraman going after all...aren't you, Mr. James. Tell all the boys that we don't worry about any of them either..will you? But they are all in our thoughts day and night it seems. Good traveling Mr. James.
Annie and Neatie
Arizona USA

newsjunkie said...

Be safe Mal!