Wednesday, December 26, 2007

And thus

I have wondered in recent times how i would write this entry as I wait the final hour before leaving Israel for the final time as a resident. No longer when asked where I live will the answer be the "Unholyland"

Five years have passed since what started out as a simple newsletter to friends has developed into this rather bizarre rambling of what happens in my rather strange world.

Much has happened and much more will continue to happen.

Will I keep the title "Unholyland" ? that is still for debate.

I leave behind friends who have shaped and defined my life into what it is today. Each and everyone of you will be missed more than you realise.

I have made it a point than rather say "Goodbye" i prefer only see you later.

And thus

"See you later"

Ben Gurion Airport
Tel Aviv


Black Knight said...

Yes "see you later" is always better than "goodbye". Merry Christmas and happy new year

21stCenturyMom said...

Good luck settling in to your new home.

Happy New Year - may it be safe and fulfilling.