Monday, November 26, 2007

A jar of drin

Well as the sun sets over the city ,absolutely nothing has happened as of yet which is good news, talks are about to start in Annapolis and we are waiting in a car park for a live shot in the dark.
The only thing of interest today apart from Urban Renewal which I will write about later is that there is a good business to be had here in selling spell check to printers of restaurant menus. getting the menu is about as much fun as eating the food because basically the food here is like going to Groundhog Restaurant it never varies. We live not in the land of milk and honey but the world of humus and chicken. It will taste good it normally does, but the menus always provide the best laugh, here are todays classic mistranslations

FreAnch Fries
Antrikot (entrecote) sReak (steak)
Fried CalaMARY
Gold Drinks
Coke bottel

and the winner today "A jar of drin"

Was tempted to order the jar of drin, but opted for a Gold diet coke bottel

Later going for a kaffee



Anonymous said...

A real lesson in having fun with phonetics. I'd have shunned those Gold Drinks for sure, Mal. You didn't drink anything with a broken seal did you? Have read much on the versitility of humus like...filling up an otherwise empty plate, or a building material to bind together bricks, or a fertilizer for your rose bushes. I tried it once because someone I know kept insisting on bringing it up in conversations. He fancied himself a food critic. Needless to say I now call it "the dreaded humus". Ceremonially threw the plastic bag of it off a swinging bridge while proclaiming a curse on it. To my amazement a fisherman hooked it down river. You should have seen him trying to figure out what it was. He handled it gingerly and I saw him hang it in a tree after much head scratching. So much for humus. Hope all stays quiet for you. 5 days to go? Nothing like a cup of joe, is there Mal, no matter how they spell or brew it. Take care and thanks for the update and humor.
Us in AZ

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like anyone wants this peace thing to work..does it Mal? You fellows be careful over there. May be one heck of a last week you have there.