Tuesday, December 04, 2007

in the belly of the beast

5.45 am kuwait
Crammed into webbing seats wearing flak and kevlar
33 soldiers and our team heding into Baghda5
Should be an hour half flight hope sleep but flying economy on Pakistan airlines would be more comfortable
Nerves are tingling as another tour begins
More from baghdad
And by the way no movie inflight just a bottle of water you carry
Engines are turning


Anonymous said...

I hate airplanes...and helicoptors. At least you are in good company. Did you ever notice how everyone flying Afghani Airways carries a salad with them? Rust your pipes with that water, Mal. Everyone I know is flying tonight. Hummm..Does that tell you anything? Could it be a sign? Defcon...Defense Condition....Hate to say it but doesn't it only go up to Defcon 5? Do be careful Mal! You and all your crew. Thanks for letting all you family, friends, and us stay fans know what is up with you. Will be watching for stories from you and Colonel North. Strange...that tingling feeling is the same for everyone...isn't it? Take care and our thoughts are with you.

Trybe One said...

ahhh..yes flying out of kuwait in a c130
meanwhile the bottle water is hot when you arrive in baghdad the bottle waters hot.the plume of smoke in the air at a far distance, either trash burning, or a building....what a rush!
jumping in and out of blackhawks, armored vehicles. wiping the dust from the lens! wearing the same cloths until you reach a base when you can purchase another pair of underwear, because you couldnt fit anymore clothes with your gear! trying not to get to lost in the viewfinder.At night the mortar alarms going off, red tracers in the sky! Happy Travles my friend and be safe..! Peace...Brings back some good ol times!

Anonymous said...

You did hit the ground running! You and Ollie and crew are doing a great job and we are watching...Thanks Mal for all you guys are doing. How bout Ollie taking a picture of you and your team for us to see. The Soldiers are the best...aren't they. Hug them all for us and tell them we really are thinking constantly of them and we understand how much they are acomplishing. They are the best of the USA.