Monday, December 10, 2007

Going Dark

An expression that we use when there are things and places where you cannot report or discuss , hence the expression " Going Dark" , best explained in the current context that I am in a city the same size as Baltimore or Boston surrounded on all sides and the only thing that is between me and half a million people are 48 men , thats it total.
Have been keeping a detailed diary and when this is over a long piece that I hope will make up a chapter of my never to released book will cover the next ten days.
At times in the last few days I have honestly felt that I am living a Hollywood movie script, doing things that are so extreme (and I add at this stage yet to be shot at) yet you can stand in the staging area in the morning and listen to a never ending barrage of automatic weapons and around you people just hope that is not an omen
Dark Deep and in Iraq


Anonymous said...

Good Grief Mal! Please just worry about the writing part and taking care of yourself so we can worry about the making it into a movie later. Truly, if Hollywood would make movies of true events and real people they would not have to worry about selling tickets. You and those like you are the real people we want to know about and have come to love. Your stories are our meat and potatos here in America. You are our eyes and ears. Truth is always stranger and more interesting than fiction and your crew just be careful and we will continue to think of you constantly along with our great Military guys. Take care Mal and thanks for letting us know all your can. We do appreciate your reporting very much and think you are the best cameraman ever.

21stCenturyMom said...

And you haven't scared us a bit - NOT A BIT!

Never mind the writing - just make sure you stay safe.