Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sandstorms in Winter

Sandstorms Suck at the best of times , add a freezing cold wind and clear sky above and the added fun of watching the Iraqi Commandos driving around in highly non technical vehicles whilst my camera is being filled with talc fine sand and well thats the type of morning we had . Not to mention that they would not let us play with the guns on the ranges



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Mal. The photos were fantastic as always and the stories were informative and interesting....and face it...they got our adrenalin going a little bit too. Loved the Black Hawk story and the accomodations look better than we expected to tell you the truth. GIs in the past asked for coffee pots so we knew there was a shortage of them there but glad you had a PX pretty close. Coffee must be next in importance to clean lenses. Anyway....we are greatful for all the work you put into these blogs and truly enjoyed and got much from them. You are one of the good guys at Fox and you good guys are the only reason we watch Fox. They need to get a clue and recognize you war teams and correspondents and dump the fluff...that we tolerate just so we don't miss you guys. Take care Mal as we need you. Tell the soldiers we love 'em and can't thank 'em enough. They are the cream of America.

Anonymous said...

You look like a human weather vane on top of that truck Mr. James. The free food sounds good and the sleeping arrangements don't look all that bad. But the bath facilities look like they need a little working on yet. You won't know what to do with yourself when you get back to London. On the other hand, maybe you will. Great blogs and take care of hear? Thanks!