Monday, August 18, 2008

What's the time Mr Wolf

Outside Gori , Georgia

Well according to all The Russian troops were of supposed to be pulling out of positions at noon (that is when the big hand and the little hand on the watch, are together and pointing to the top) Now as they say try to stay fashionable and explain to me how come when we approached Gori, after the big hand little hand scenario whilst still in the sovereign nation of Georgia.
We approached and past thru a Russian Military checkpoint some ten km's outside Gori on the road to the capital Tbilisi.

Only to drive on and come to a complete stop to be turned around by guess who ?
There on the highway leading into Gori, in the country of Georgia was a Russian Officer who said that unless we had Russian Media Accreditation approved by the Kremlin or Russian Authorities we may not proceed along a Georgian road into a Georgian city that was supposed to of been clear of Russian troops at midday.
Then again the artillery still on the hills dug in, plus the APC's on the road, ohh and the camp of Russian soldiers.

Call me cynical, but I laugh when I got back to the hotel in Tbilisi an hour later and there on an opposition Cable Network was a running headline banner on the bottom of the screen "Russian Troops begin pullout". If they bothered to leave the Presidential Suite they occupy on the sixth floor and drive up the road rather than rely on wires from Agencies that have been so inaccurate and propaganda tools for both Governments in this conflict, then perhaps they could report the news.
So where does this leave us, the bottom line is I do not believe anything that I have not seen with my own eyes.
And from behind these hazel irises, the Russian troops remain in Georgia.
The next time someone comes up with a time, just double check which day, week, month and year they mean


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Russians are running the news media as well as the roads over there. Don't feel too bad Mal. It isn't much different in the "free" world, only we kindly call them Liberals. You and Harrigan got us the essentials and we are wise enough to listen to you and understand what is going on at this point. Like you, with those beautiful hazel eyes of yours, we see in spite of the propaganda. You know people don't like their boats rocked now days with yucky news so truth is not all that welcome. Reality is out....pipedreaming is in. Regardless of the sensoring, you, Harrigan and crew have done the best job possible of getting the truth to us. Anyone who wants to know the truth does now because of you guys and the ostriches will keep thier heads burried in the sand and the communists and their minions will continue to spout lies. It has ever been so....only it is more so now days. Be careful and know that you are appreciated and admired for your abilities. Be careful and keep up the great work...We have no doubt you will. Thanks tons for the blog.

SS (notthatkind) said...

"So where does this leave us, the bottom line is I do not believe anything that I have not seen with my own eyes." This is a pretty cynical sentence. Too bad it rings true in too many ways. I agree with anonymous... There is no difference over here. Keep up the good work. Awesome blog.