Tuesday, August 12, 2008

That Close

Apar from the fact that I did not hear the second explosion, I have looked back at my day trying to figure out what the hell the Russians were trying to bomb into oblivion and the Communications tower you can see behind Steve in this photo was the target the trouble is that they missed the tower and landed so darned near us.
I can sit back and review what went thru my mind at the time, but the worst statistic is that in the last five days up to seven journalists and cameramen have been killed covering this conflict. And in a haunting fashion we discuss amongst all of ourselves on the road , did you hear that so and so was killed and we can all place the the location having been there and it is just luck that we are alive at times, this is a bad area, a small war between two totally nations one a superpower, one a small nation that dreams it matters. No one has come to their aid, because the cold fact is that they started the fight.
And seven members of the Fourth estate have paid the ultimate price, not for being foolish or reckless they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Tomorrow we will have to go back to the front, just hope this peace deal has reached the troops on the ground


21stCenturyMom said...

God Almighty - get the eff out of there. The really sad truth is that very few people care about this conflict. Bush can't even keep a speech about it straight and there's nothing good to come of sacrificing journalists to cover this thing.

Fingers crossed for your safe delivery out of that hell hole.

Anonymous said...

You know...you didn't really have to tell us you are going back out there again. Yes, we read about all those correspondents. Wouldn't mention them though because we didn't want to scare you. Don't guess we could convince you and your intrepid correspondent that you are too old for this anymore...could we? You and Harrigan definitly are the dynamic duo and all bologna aside your reporting has been spectacular. Maybe most of the war isn't listening but you know...some things you do because it is the right thing to do and not always the most popular thing to do. Thoughts and prayers with you. Thanks for the blogs and photos.