Saturday, August 16, 2008

Superstition and Lucky Charms

We all have them , and for whatever reasons you try not to break them just in case it brings bad luck. Friends often are amazed as to what superstitions I have when in a war zone and I do have a few so in no particular order here are some of the things that I believe bring me luck.
I never shave when covering combat, I can trim my beard under my chin as it gets too itchy otherwise, and if it goes on for too long I may trim my beard but never shave it completely. The exception is in the event that I have to wear a gas mask against a chemical attack, as was the case in the Iraq War, a beard is more likely to kill me than save me as the gas mask will not fit.
I always return home with one piece of clothing that I have not worn, nothing in particular but one piece and on this trip it will be a black t shirt.
I always carry a red hankerchief, have done for years and tucked away somewhere the last thing someone gave me before I leave for assignment. This time it is a coin that the London Producer Tadek Markowski, picked up from the bureau floor and said
“Here you are mate a lucky penny”.
Well a 2p coin is close to a penny.
We head out in an hour or so back to Gori, 40 miles away and the frontline.
With my coin, hankerchief and a stubble of a beard.
And most importantly photos of my two daughters, Louise and Brittany in my wallet.


Anonymous said...

please keep safe as those two beautiful young labies in the photo need a dad.

Anonymous said...

Your routine for traveling in dangerous places seems to have served you well. But we viewers are the lucky ones for having you filming for us what we cannot see for ourselves,and doing it so well. I contribute my good luck to always putting my left shoe on first and keeping the TV tuned to Fox News. You guys are the greatest no matter how peculiar you might be. Thanks for the insight. Found your superstitions interesting and oh so human. You really are a normal person after all. Your daughters may have to share you with the world but I know they must be so proud of their dad. You're a good man, Mal James. We all need a little luck...don't we.
A Gaines

21stCenturyMom said...

Luck favors the prepared and preparing to stay alive by keeping your babies close is the best preparation of all.

A scarf and lucky penny can only add more to the mix :-)