Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Adrenaline of Fear

Steve Harrigan yells we "Out of Here" , Gori Georgia

You can be filming artillery landing on a hillside five km away , and then suddenly the air cracks and 200 m away a Russian Artillery shell lands, in the adrenaline of fear , it is a matter of calm, panic will not help . What made me scared was that I never heard the second shell land in the same area until I got back to the hotel and edited the material.
5 members of the Press have died in the last few days
Today we were lucky

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Anonymous said...

That's what the wise elephants said, "We're outta here." Good to see Harrigan is getting his running in mornings. He covers ground pretty fast with long strides. We saw the report this morning and hope to see more of that scence. It was impressive. No kidding, you guys are amazing and our prayers and thoughts are with you. Thanks for all you do but please be careful!!! Great photo! We read with sadness about those reporters you mentioned and it makes us realize, if we didn't already, that much is sacrificed to get the news of war to the world. Hopefully better decisions are made because of it. Everyone now knows who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. Men like you and Harrigan are definitly good guys. Great photo and please keep up your blogs. It is appreciated.