Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Edge of the Abyss

Tbilisi Georgia
Below the hotel balcony , young Georgian males parade around the city with car horns blaring and flags hanging off the cars , in attempt to stir up the patriot spirit whilst a few miles up the road the might of the Russian Army masses. It could get nasty here very nasty. All the signs are for a full blown war to erupt, and I find myself on the edge of the abyss again.
We arrived here late this afternoon to a functioning city on a half empty plane full of journalists, nervous yet at the same time excited that we made it in, before access is cut off from the outside world. My first flight here was cancelled as the airline flying direct from London cancelled late yesterday, probably due to the fact that their insurance company advised that flying into a conflict zone might add a premium, so my route here was last night to Frankfurt, five hours sleep in the airport hotel, up at five am for a flight to Istanbul then a connecting flight on Turkish airlines which obviously does not have the same Insurance company. What amazed me was that all my 11 cases arrived amongst all those connecting flights.
It is hard to predict what could happen and tomorrow we will don the flak jackets and go forward to try and make some sense of this conflict.
Keeping safe as I can Lou, and Bj we will swim with the turtles soon have no doubts.


Anonymous said...

watching the news last couple days...figured that's where ur headed..take care of safe.

FlutePrayer said...

Interestingly, you were in my prayers starting a few days BEFORE your latest post. They will continue.

Anonymous said...

stay safe
running strong

Anonymous said...

You know....we've been watching the Fox reports from Georgia and had an inkling the man behind the camera was you. If you were the one who filmed the children and the old lady....fantastic job. Of course the reporting coming out of there by the Fox War Correspondent is always. They sent the A-Team on this one didn't they... and our thoughts are with you. Thanks for the blog...and needless though it may be to say ....stay safe as possible. Hope they patch the holes in the airport runway so you all can get out of there safely. But supermen as this crew is...maybe you can fly out on cape power.
A&N..Arizona USA

turdpolisher said...

keep your head low and the posts coming.

21stCenturyMom said...

So THAT's where you are. Right on the brink of disaster, as always. You amaze me.