Thursday, June 07, 2007

You Ask I Reply

Today , I was figuring out whether to write about the lack of bladder control suffered by male motorists in Israel or continue my series on music for when everyone plays nice for a change to give you an insight perhaps into the sounds that shape my world. Then again I thought perhaps it would be fun to offer to anyone who for some reason another a chance to let you ask me a question about what I do and respond to these for a change.
Any question is fair game and I will write my thoughts and ramblings in response, I enjoy the feedback and incredible things I read on other blogs, and just wish I could figure out how too do the same.
So readers of the Unholyland here is your chance , anything on any subject , you know me and my world

Oh and i will write about the bladder issue soon


21stCenturyMom said...

Call me a hog but I'm asking 2 questions:

1). When you are sitting on the edge of war, camera in hand, unable to listen to music, how do you quell your fear?

2). Do you have hopes for what the world will gain from your work? If so what might they (or even just it) be?

wenchie said...

1) In many of the war torn places that you cover do you get from the average citizen that they do want peace? Do they believe that peace is even really possible?

2)Mal, do you think they would even know what to do with peace?

3)How do they feel about their leaders? What kind of subcultures are there?

Anonymous said...

1. If only one other person in the whole world cared about your work..would you still do it?
2. It would be interesting to hear you tell about the reporters that you film...the ones you respect, the ones you don't. And what type of relationship you have with them. It seems that they are the other half of what you do. Who is your very favorite? and if that might hurt somebodies feelings to much you could just of your very favorites. It is so hard not hurting other peoples feelings.....isn't it. :) Would think most of them are great people though.....just wondering.