Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A question that had to be answered


Now I have been thinking about different questions that you have been asking and will in course give my views, some are political and for safety reasons may be answerwed diplomatically as I have to work in areas and the last thing I will ever want in the event of being held by "bad boys" is for my words to come back and haunt me.

As they say silence is if often the best sound.

However one question has to be answered a cryptic anonymous left a note and asked if I had turned fifty, now that set me aghast so to set the record , No I am only 48 in a 24 year old body trying to do the best I can to stay fit and healthy apart from two vices that I allow myself .

For those who question my age, my birthday is May 3 1959, so it is still a couple of years away LOL



Anonymous said...

I am 34 in a 48 year old body. Want to trade? I have followed your work since you were in Pakistan, your favorite country, with Steve Harrigan. You once wrote me a very nice letter and I still have it in a scrap book. Let's must have had about an 18 year old body at that time. You were the best then and you are now, even if you are getting old. Hoho Thanks for all the years of wonderful camera work and for going to all the tough places. Here is a question for you. Why is Pakistan your favorite country?

Anonymous said...

Having answered the "question that had to be answered" you raised yet another question. We suspect you did that on purpose just to keep a certain mystery going about yourself. If we guess the two vices do we get a prize?
PS: And the answer is..... beer and smokes

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.....I figured that since you're start date here was 2005 and you said you were 48 then, that maybe you were 50 now. It's a life altering age.......Realization hits and there's no more denying.....sorry to put you on the didn't have to answer~e.