Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fear Junkie Syndrome

Wide screen is his response asked the queston?

At what point though are you a ‘fear’ junkie? You put yourself in it everyday and you could do this job in ‘civilian’ land but you choose otherwise.

Do you need it? Can you live without it?

This is a question many people ask me, and the answer is always the same.

We are given a jar of jelly beans when we are born, we never see the jar. But everytime you do something dangerous a jelly bean is taken out and when the last bean is taken out , then you are living on borrowed time. I figure that my jar is getting close to empty but then again with every good deed perhaps a jelly bean is put back in.

I do enjoy the adrenaline to deny it would be a lie to myself, but at the same time I also question as to what my alternatives are. One day something will come up and I think it will surprise me.

I should also point out that not everyday is living on the edge, like any other newsroom in the world we also have quiet days even weeks as working in an International bureau means that we are out of the loop of domestic issues, somehow New York HQ only likes us when boys play badly in most cases.

The thing is that if something happens you must always be prepared to go anywhere at anytime and with no thoughts to your personal life and that comes with a heavy price.

(doing nothing in the Jerusalem Bureau)

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Anonymous said...

Mal...I've thought about the News a lot. Always think that NY does not utilize your types nearly enough. Heck, the quiet world news that you could bring would beat Paris Hilton and Rosie O"Donnell and the totally uninteresting dumbed down tarted up (I stole that phrase) news that New York gives us. Bound to be more than gun fights, bombs and rockets around the world that we need to know about, other stuff even conected to the war we are in. Maybe you should consider as an alternative running things in NY. I'll vote for you. Course you may need to get a new boob job and blow up lips to qualfy. :) How are you on the interview couch? And if that doesn't appeal to you you could become a spy....Wait...that's no better than your present it? And you'd have to buy some of those tee tiny little cameras for that..Thinking about it.. looks like you are stuck in an ocupational sand trap, Mal. Hope something good comes along and surprises you like you said, Mal. Until then I hope someone is slipping jelly beans into your jar when you aren't looking. You do a great job....for what that is worth to you...probably not a heck of a lot.
Take care of yourself you sweet old adrenaline I'd hunt wild pigs with you any day.