Friday, November 23, 2007

Preparing for War

I know that I have been not blogging much of late, due to the fact that nothing major has been happening here in the Middle East of note. The same old same old , quick trip to the West Bank city of Nablus, Bad Boys refusing to gibe their weapons up to the Palestinian Authority because the Authority will not protect them from the Israeli Army, sort of like the right to bear arms argument they have in the States. So we stand around this Mexican stand off for an afternoon where the main concern of the Palestinian Police was that I did not film them eating.

And then the good news of the week, doing a Medical story on a new device that can predict whether you are susceptable to a heart attack. Now our correspondent Reena a young fit healthy woman decides that she wants to be filmed for the story getting the test done, and scores a 1.99 , the figure you worry about is when your test comes back at 1.67. Reena is pleased with her result and in her way of gloating walks around talking about how healthy she is. I jump on the table do the test and my result leaves the doctors wondering, the old Mal pulls a 4.04 and the doctors start mentioning about how this is one of the best results they have seen. Just have to laugh, Reena just shook here head in dismay.

Ok so where does the title come into play and what does it mean for the Unholyland News. Well Monday week heading back to Iraq for a 3 week embed so daily updates and a chance to report back on life in Iraq.

The move to London looks set for Christmas but as always will believe it when I am on the plane



Anonymous said...

no news is good news....means all is quiet eh? what kind of device predicts whether you are susceptible to an MI? wonder if we have it here in the us? be careful in iraq......let us here from you so we know you are ok......send us a sign or something! e.

Anonymous said...

So much to ask you, Mal...What correspondent will you be with in Iraq? Hope one of our favorites, Harrigan or North. You were great with SH in Pakistan, your favorite country. Ha! All that running and only 3 vices have paid off. Nice of Reena Neena to be so happy for your good health...wasn't it. Women are like giving. Possibly not being married is one reason you have such a good strong heart. Hummm..Hope you will blog for Fox from Iraq. We can do without watching Palestinians eat, Mal. Thanks for sparing us. Always looking out for your viewers...aren't you. Watch out for yourself in Iraq because we want our favorite cameraman to continue being healthy, wealthy and wise. Your long time fans,
Annie & Neatie
Yarnell, AZ...where we keep our Arms making for a real Mexican standoff....or maybe even a "Mexican put down my BBQ grill and get out of my yard."

Anonymous said...

correction to my previous comment........Let us HEAR from you....i do to know how to spell!! e.